meatless monday—stuffed tomatoes with hummus

this has been my third meatless monday.  i’m still shocked at the challenge this provides.  for instance at lunch i really wanted a turkey sandwich on a blueberry bagel.  instead i had fresh mozzarella with tomato, lettuce and pesto on a baguette, while watching the tour de france.  now thinking back on this it all seems so perfect for the tour. i don’t think the turkey and blueberry bagel could have captured that european cycling feel.  every time when it comes to dinner nothing sounds good. honestly at home when does a salad sound good.    but so far i have been pleasantly surprised each time.  this week when scavenging through my fridge, i’m working on eating things up that i already have on hand this week, i created a meal that turned out yummy and a tad fancy.


stuffed tomatoes with hummus

for meatless monday #3 i created stuffed tomatoes with hummus on a bed of lettuce drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  along with it was what i called “cheesy-olive bread”, essentially bread with chopped up green olives topped with mozzeralla and toasted in the oven, and a cup of fresh blueberries.  after this success i’m kind of getting excited and curious about what i’ll come up with for my next meatless monday.


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