Sunday Night Dinner: April 17, 2011 – Art and a grilling extravaganza

Sunday Dinner

April 17, 2011

Another grilling extravaganza with dry rub pork ribs from a renowned restaurant in Dexter MO, called the Hickory Log.  The sauce is typical for the South with more vinegar and less sweetness.  Since Becky is not a real pork rib fan, I added grilled chicken legs that have been marinated in a sweet Italian dressing.

The macaroni salad is one of my old recipes that includes chopped veggies of your choice, mayo and graded parm with garlic salt, paprika and white pepper.

We were surprised that the sweet corn was so good for this early in the season, but you take Gods little gifts as you find them.

The fruit salad came from Price Chopper, just up the road.  It was left over from the Blessing Ceremony for our new Springfield House that was conducted on Saturday by our good friend and Episcopal Priest, Carol Sanford.  As always, Grady, her husband was along for logistical support.  The sweetness of the fruit was a nice contrast to the vinegar in the barbeque sauce and the Tennessee Best Old Fashion Pickled Green Tomatoes, which was a birthday gift from Lynley.  These days, Lynley seems to be taken with anything from Tennessee which brings Becky and I new persepctives.


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