doughnuts ala swedish chef

fried dough

god-bless the person who thought to put dough into a deep fryer.  think of all the wonderful things we get from that simple decision.  i made up some cinnamon-sugar doughnuts to bring with me on thanksgiving.  we would need substance as we cooked away!  has i made my doughnuts and doughnut holes i couldn’t help but think of the swedish chef………..


Sunday Night Dinner: June 5, 2011- Long Distance Birthday Dinner

Last Sunday was Lynley’s birthday and I wanted to celebrate her despite the fact she was states away. You know why don’t you- I love my sister!

So I made a meal I thought Lyn might like on her birthday….

Our beloved Springfield Style Cashew Chicken, in this case I made Tofu because we are more veg than not these days. We Farris girls have tomato sauce in our veins, but I think part of our brains are made of Springfield Style. Lynley created an entire Facebook page dedicated to it, so we’re not kidding around.

Lyn, I also decided you would like donuts for dessert on your birthday.

Basically I made you a deep fried birthday dinner…I wasn’t wrong was I?