meatless monday : a ploughman’s platter

cheese glorious cheese

cheese glorious cheese

the other night i explained to some friends …. “yay i’ve been trying to eat like a hobbit lately” needless to say some wine might have almost come out of a nose or two when i made that statement. but its TRUE! i am rereading the lord of the rings trilogy. me the nerd that i am i like to get in the mood when reading novels. drinks, music, food that all go with the theme of the book. on heavy music rotation …. the chieftains, drink of choice lately fallish beers pumpkin and mead and yes foods i have declared “hobbitish” fish and chips, sheppard’s pie and my meatless monday creation a ploughman’s platter……some drunkin goat cheese, fresh carrot and apple slices, homemade bread and almonds and yes of course an ale in a giant ceramic mug. life ain’t to bad as a hobbit.


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