meatless monday —- goat cheese camembert with orange marmalade

i want all the cheese

i want all the cheese

i miss cheese. i really miss the cheeses that squash, and stink and have tons of yummy mold on them. i canvass the fancy cheese sections for goat cheese versions, ones i can eat without my allergy kicking in, but pickings are usually slim. while visiting my sis the other weekend i hit the jack pot. goat cheese brie, goat cheese camembert and one called drunken goat, a hard goat cheese that’s been soaked in red wine! yep i shelled out some major dough for cheese. up first for dinner was the camembert. i topped it with orange marmalade and let it get to room temp. it was gooey and melty enough to dip fresh peach slices into and red pepper triscuits. i could have eaten the whole wheel but i’m savoring these cheeses.


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