My favorite meal from last week- I bite my scone at you.


Shakespeare in Love is my second or third favorite movie (it switches places with Stranger than Fiction depending on what’s going on in my life).

The Alamo Drafthouse ( our new favorite movie theater) had a special afternoon Shakespeare in Love inspired tea. This was a big deal for me because 1) I’ve never seen SIL on the big screen and 2) I love tea. Huzzah!

I thought it would just be regular tea and scones, but no, it was a tea flight. Each tea and afternoon snack was brought out at specific times during the movie. We started off with a robust green tea, and a olive, tomato and mozzarella cheese finger sandwich. Then when everyone was falling in love, we had a lemon rosebud tea with sweet potato scones and creme frache. And for the grand finally a (spoiler alert) a bittersweet berry tea with a rosemary almond scone (rosemary is for remembrance if you know your Hamlet).

Sigh. The lemon and rosebud and sweet potato scone combo was my favorite, but I am happy to say I couldn’t take a picture even if I wanted to. This is a post tea pic on the fancy placemat they gave us. The Alamo has a strict no phone policy and anyway, some things are better left to the imagination.


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