the year of the horse…..a feast for chinese new year

a dinner party is always the answer

a dinner party is always the answer

while new year’s eve is a night for me, i figured why not make a new annual tradition of celebrating the chinese new year with a full-out dinner party. as i said in the invite “it’s the year of the horse so lets gallop into it my stuffing ourselves!” and that is exactly what we did. a pack of people showed up some even bearing chinese new year themed gifts…..Darsi brought me an authentic chinese fan and loren & michelle made up origami horses (yes we know its a japanese art form bought it was the idea of it) and decorated my apartment with them!

we almost didn't fit around the table!

we almost didn’t fit around the table!

on the menu was: basil jasmine rice, vegetable dumplings, crispy tofu with a peanut ginger sauce, stir-fryed veggies, cashew rangoon and of course for dessert fortune cookies!

so much yum!

so much yum!

overall it was a grand success. our bellies were full, the laughter was plentiful and you know it’s a success when one of your guests informs you that “it was the best dinner party they had ever been too!” just wait till next year i’m seeing visions of fried rice, a duck stuffed full of oranges and chili peppers…..i might need to invest in a larger dining room table!

there always must be decorations

there always must be decorations


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