2nd annual queen city fall whiskey fest

lift your jar to the sky

lift your jar to the sky

yes it’s that time of year again, when i go and buy whiskey in massive amounts and then add strange and exotic ingredients to it. the jars sit around my house for a month and then the festival begins. friends are invited over, tiny cups are handed out and the sipping begins. on the list this year were 14 hand-crafted concoctions from BBQ flavor to strawberry shortcake. while sipping, the crew devised a plan to mark the lids of the whiskies that they really liked, at the end of the night we’d see which whiskey gained the most marks and next year i’ll infuse it again as a gold metal winner. the winner you might ask? french toast! as one tester declared as she added some french toast whiskey to a mug of coffee……”i feel like i’m drinking breakfast!”

the master list of infused whiskies from 2013


french toast



strawberry short cake




honey pie



pecan pie

sweet basil



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