vanilla-blueberry whiskey roasted chicken

after my whiskey infusing frenzy in the fall i still have several jars of it left over. so what to do with a whole lot of fancy whiskey? why not cook with it. eyeing the jars i decided the thing to do with my vanilla blueberry whiskey was to roast a chicken in it. i got myself a pretty fryer. stuffed it with homemade dressing made of brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon bread, layered the chicken with onions, carrots, and potatoes, then poured all that whiskey on it, including blueberries. it smelled wonderful and then i learned my lesson with cooking with whiskey its called flambe! the blueberries self-combusted triggering a flames shutting out from underneath the roaster lid. needless to say that was a tad panicking to see in your oven. out went some of the whiskey and in went a lot more vegetable broth. however the flambe created this really crispy skin on the chicken and the stuffing was to die for. only if i could create this beautiful accident again and i’d say this chicken would be one for the record books!!!






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