Yes, I saw Silver Linings Playbook too and asked myself “What are homemades?” because for some reason they sound really good.

After doing the tiniest bit of research (1 google search and listening to 1 radio show interview) I found out homemades can be anything from tiny chicken salad sandwiches to homemade egg noodles.

The Super Bowl was rolling around again, so I decided homemades at our house would be tiny homemade pizzas. Think Bagel Bites but even smaller.

I had been thinking for the crust mini-bagels would work, but they turned out to be too big. Cutting English muffins into smaller disks were next on my list until John had the brilliant idea to get Pilsbury canned pizza dough.


All I had to do was crack open the can, spread the dough out on a floured surface, and use a circle cookie cutter.
A glass or a lid would work too.


I lined them up on a greased cookie sheet.


And put a 1/2 a tablespoon of pizza sauce in the center.


I thought it would be fun to use miniature mozzarella balls to keep with my theme.


And sprinkled them with cheddar.


I did bake them a few minutes less than the can instructions advised, but just watch them if your oven runs hot!


I think Bradley would approve.



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