New Years Eats

We had plans on New Years Eve, but the party ended up being canceled. So we followed Lyn’s advice and decided to treat ourselves to a little Downton Abbey marathon and some of our favorite cozy/party eats.

Nothing says cozy and party at the same time like homemade pizza!


It was half cheese/half veggie Lentil loaf crumbles, sausage, roasted brussel sprouts, and tiny tomatoes.

Breadsticks, too.


And of course the big wine glass.


John asked for a homemade chocolate pie. He never fusses about eating the leftovers from all the pies I make for others people, so when asks for a pie he gets whatever he wants!




Yes, indeedy- it was nice and cozy!



On New Years Day we always start the morning with something sweet to celebrate the sweetness of a new year. We had homemade bread with honey and butter as our breakfast in bed.



For lunch I had to have my black-eyed peas. John isn’t a believe and after being together well-over a decade, I don’t force the good luck rituals on him (he’s pretty lucky already!)

I made a hash with veggie sausage, kale, garlic, cauliflower, carrots, walnuts, and onions.



(I had enough leftover that I ate it for breakfast the next day).

We also have the “Young Family Planning Summit” on New Years Day where we schedule possible places we want to travel. Afterwards we celebrate the hard work of planning fun by going out for fondue at the Melting Pot.


The cozy trend continued with a quaint corner booth across from a slightly puzzling piece of artwork.


We celebrated with the classic cheese and chocolate.



Here’s to more good eats in 2013!


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