Long Overdue Pumpkin Beer Tasting- Round Two


Ok, here’s the deal- round 2 of my pumpkin beer tasting did not go as planned. 75th street brewery, which has been my gold standard for pumpkin beer for years, wouldn’t fill my beer growler this year. Suddenly they aren’t selling their seasonal beers in growlers any more (you can only drink it at the bar of restaurant). Dang. The whole reason I bought their growler was to drink lots of their pumpkin beer at home. Sigh…

We carried on like all beer drinkers should and did a “Last Beer Standing” match between O’Fallen and Schlafly. Here’s how it went down.






John chose to eat dinner while we tasted.




After much drinking and sniffing, we gave Schlafly…


Autumn Color: 3 out of 4
Pumpkin Flavor: 1
Seasonal Taste: 1 (we were much harder on it the second time)
Overall Rating: 2

For O’Fallen…


Autumn Color: 1.5
Pumpkin Flavor: 2 (noted a subtle nutmeg)
Seasonal Taste: 3
Overall Rating: 3

So- O’Fallen Pumpkin was our top winner this year, but next year we are going to get serious about this! More pumpkin beers and perhaps a gathering…that could be fun!


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