sunday night dinner: december 5, 2011 — cheeseburger and fries

it takes me 8 hours to make a one way journey from the smoky mountains to the ozark mountains.  i know i’ve been in the car to long when i start applauding to podcasts. and i feel serious pity for the people who encounter my right when i arrive. lets just say 8 hours in the car and listening to 6 hours of npr can make you suddenly want to have endless conversations.  my reward when i hit springfield…..springfield cashew chicken, my reward when i get to knoxville….cheeseburger.

i started contemplating this cheeseburger at about the bootheel of missouri and listening to splendid table podcasts around nashville didn’t help the situation.  hearing about ice cream topped with olive oil and sea salt while in my mind debating waffle fries or seasoned fries really puts a damper on the granola bar you are eating.

le royal with cheese


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