Sunday Night Dinner: September 4: Vodka Sauce at Lynley’s House- Steph & Lyn Conversation Post

Menu: Nest of pasta (spaghetti with ravioli in the middle) with homemade vodka sauce, salad, ciabatta bread and the best pie in Knoxville.

Steph: We showed up at Lynley’s apartment to find her taking a cherry chocolate pie out of the oven.

Lynley:  this pie was totally an experiment, and probably the fastest pie i ever put together.

Steph: I said hello to Lynley’s friend Alana and strapped on an apron. I was put in charge of washing and blending the tomatoes.

Lynley:  How many people can we fit in the kitchen!!!!!!

Steph: Then I sautéed the tomatoes, garlic, onions, and peppers.

Lynley:  I believe this also involved an in-depth discussion of the cast iron we should have purchased that day at the factory outlet.

Steph: Then I moved on to salad.

Lynley:  I had to keep washing my hands because I made the mistake of de-seeding peppers with my fingers and not a knife, slight burning sensation that wouldn’t go away.  IT BURNS!!!!

Steph: We threw in some grape tomatoes whole and uncooked to add an interesting texture and look. Eggs in our nest of pasta as Alana said!

Lynley:  The master plan was to have the slightly burst open, it didn’t work.  Think we got to do it earlier next time.  I now always want eggs in our nest of pasta.

Steph: this is my favorite picture of us (next to the tap dancing from Thanksgiving 2009)

Steph: John took pictures of Dottie entertaining herself. He’s a good Uncle even to the furry nieces.

Lynley:  I think he as a secret crush on Dottie.

Steph: Lyn dished up the spaghetti.

Lynley:  The nest of pasta thank you Zios for this wonderful concept….spaghetti with ravioli on top, yum.

Steph: While I dished up the ravioli and sauce.

Lynley:  We need to have another marathon of ravioli making, I think we can do so much better than what we purchased.

Steph: I tried to get a picture of the “nest” but the sauce was so thick (and AMAZING) you couldn’t really see the ravioli on my plate.

Lynley:  Looking at this makes me HUNGRY!

Steph: After I added the rest of the meal to my plate. Lyn, do you remember what we talked about? All I remember thinking was how it was the best meal I ate all weekend.

Lynley:  No I really don’t remember to well.  I do remember us describing dad as a totally wimp when it comes to anything scary, movies, stories, etc.

Steph: That pie was wonderful Lyn. I loved it with all my heart. Cooking with my sister is one of my favorite top 5 things to do!

Lynley:  and the sherridan’s that traveled 12 hours to go with it, pretty freakin amazing.


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