sunday night dinner: august 28, 2011—chicken salad and blueberry muffins

ever get those cravings that you just can’t explain?  i had one this week when i was investigating what was in my fridge, while planning meals.  as soon as i saw the eggs all i wanted was deviled eggs.  so began the quest of what to have with the deviled eggs for my sunday night dinner.

i'm going to eat the devil out of those eggs

i settled on a combination of chicken salad, blueberry muffins, and deviled eggs.  chicken salad is diffidently in my top 5 favorite foods.  i like to sample it wherever i go.  the best, so far, is at the sub shop in springfield , mo.  pineapple, grapes, mandarin oranges, cashews, onions, celery and of course chicken and mayonnaise.  mine this time was a bit less complex.  cashews, grapes, onions, celery, and my secret spices. maybe one day i’ll share what that is but right now i’d like to keep you in suspense.

looking for a meal involving mayo? this is it.

now normally i’m a huge advocate about not using box mixes.  however i’m a totally sucker for jiffy mixes.  they are so cute and small, you can get 2 for a dollar, and the artwork is pure out of 1950.

channeling my inner 1950s housewife

the muffins were just screaming for purple cupcake polka dot wrappers

jiffy mixes allow you to do that step back in time in the kitchen.  much like the apron i choose to wear for sunday night.

my 50 states apron and a furry kitchen helper

dinner this sunday was accompanied with a movie.  to go with the them of summery chicken salad and deviled eggs, and embracing the hotness of still refusing to use my air conditioner, i watched “a long hot summer.”  the premise……paul newman shows up wrecking havoc on joanne woodward’s plans of rebelling against her father by refusing to get married.  must say probably the number 1 movie for paul newman’s sexiness, oh but “hud” is a close competitor for that.

what goes better with a paul newman movie but homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.  um yes please!