Sunday Night Dinner: September 11, 2011: A Harvest Moon Cook-Out!

This wasn’t a bread baking week for me, so I was kind of excited to do other things than be in the kitchen. I could garden my neglected yard farm. I could sew. I could write on my novel. I could play my new banjo ukulele in the front yard next to the neglected garden.

What did I do? Spent all day in the kitchen. I made broth, and soup, and pie crust, and deviled eggs. I froze tomatoes and all kinds of things. Sigh- you can’t take this girl out of the kitchen. Heck, I can’t even take me out of the kitchen.

Add to my list of other neglected hobbies, I’ve recently taken a shine to astronomy (in the most laymen’s way) and I read that on the 11th there was going to be a Harvest Moon. This means that the moon is so bright and big that you can bring crops in by its light. I decided a cook-out was necessary (even though I should have been harvesting that last round of lima beans).

John fired up the grill…

And I joined him for a pre-dinner slush happy hour. It’s orange, which is sort of like the moon right?


Veggie dogs and buttered corn (with garlic salt and pepper) went on the grill while the deviled eggs, sugar snap peas and baked potatoes waited inside. It’s like looking at the last bite of summer.

hungry boy

For dessert, I had been saving a Frosty Malt that I chased down (the ice cream truck that is) a few weeks ago, so keeping with the cook-out theme, we had ice cream truck treats by the light of the moon.



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