my love-hate relationship with broccoli

growing up broccoli was the one vegetable i completely detested.  raw, cooked, mixed into dishes.  and the smell of broccoli being boiled….to this day still makes me wrinkle up my nose.  yet it is ssssoooo healthy for you.  so doing the adult thing, in college i started making myself eat broccoli.  by forcing down the repulsive green stuff i shockingly ended up liking it.  why am i telling you about this?  because this week i was so proud of myself, i used up a whole bunch of fresh broccoli that i purchased.  it was one of the situations of i’m going to buy this and i know i won’t eat it all and half  of it will go to waste. you know what i’m talking about.  i bet $5 there is a bag of those pre-washed and cut carrots in you fridge you optimistically thought you’d eat as a snack food. oh how wrong i was!  what wonderful creations did i make?

1.    mac & cheese with broccoli (here’s a tip for that wonderful boxed yumminess, instead of milk and butter use 1 cup of plain yogurt to make your powdered cheese extra rich, creamy, and healthier)

with tons of black pepper, just like grandma's


2.   stir-fried veggies with chicken dumplings

i love being in walking distance to an asian market


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