this isn’t your dorm room ramen noodles

10 for $ damn!

it’s absolutely horrible for you and i can hear taggart yelling at me that “powdered chicken isn’t food” but i still occasionally enjoy some ramen noodles.  but to counter balance this act of unhealthy eating i decided to make this package of ramen a bit fancier.   how did i do this?  well….

first i crumbled tofu, mixed that with carrots, mushrooms, and strips of dried mango.  all these yummy ingredients where stir fried with garlic, ginger, and the powdered chicken flavor packets that come with the ramen noodles.  once the noodles were done cooking i tossed everything together.

powdered chicken no more

and yes that is a classic plastic chinese styled plate that you would find at any local chinese food restaurant.  how can you eat chinese food on anything but?  want some?  venture to your local asian market.  i love the home section.  plates, rice cookers, and buddha statues galore.  those clear things sitting on the plate?  my chop sticks.  they are really more like fake chop sticks, they look like a giant pair of clothes pins and function as so.  3 years ago my new years resolution was to learn to use chop sticks.  i did, i can even eat fried rice with them.  my conclusion about chop sticks?   completely pointless!  i don’t care they might seem overly “western” of me but i have no issue using my fake chop sticks or a fork when it comes to devouring asian food.


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