sunday night dinner: august 21, 2011–tequila tilapa

along with mushrooms i’ve been working on liking peppers.  this has been much easier than the mushrooms.  i’m to the point where i even like jalapenos.  so this called for some mexican cooking a la lynley.  sunday night’s dinner included tilapa which i marinated in tequila, jalapenos, limes and some special seasonings.  i always seem to bake my fish in the same little casserole dish that carol sanford gave me.  don’t know why but this has turned into my fish dish.

tequila just seems to make fish oh so better

then came a little experiment, this was pure cooking like dad. that means totally making up what you are doing and throwing everything in to cover up if it doesn’t work.  i wanted to create a mexican rice.  so black beans, rice, taco sauce, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, diced can tomatoes, a variety of seasonings, queso cheese, and i think i am leaving out about 5 other ingredients.  honestly i don’t know what all went in it and i’ll probably never be able to make it the exact same way again but it was a success none the less.

my kitchen sink mexican rice with a tomato-avacodo salad

with all that spicy-ness i had to cool off my mouth, so what better way to do that than to make a root beer float.  i always keep a mug in the freezer just for this reason.  once you have the root beer float in a frozen mug you’ll never go back!

its sssooo fizzy



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