what do you do with your aprons?……i wear them

wearing grandma's aprons

yes my sister and i will travel with our own aprons.  but at my grandma’s there are always 2 aprons that are in the back laundry room for us to wear.  i have always considered them to be her aprons but when she tells you to use one she’ll refer to them as “connie’s aprons.”  connie was her grandmother.  she is always attempting to give them away to us, but every time steph and i refuse hanging them back up so we can use them again on our next visit.

whenever i go on an apron hunting expedition in boonville i’ll always come back and show my grandma what i’ve purchased.  often modeling my new wears.  my favorite in-depth conversation we have had about aprons is the purpose of the little pocket on aprons.  i have found it perfect for my cell phone.  but in 1956 that was not the purpose of the pocket.  my guess was cigarettes.  which grandma supposed was a main purpose but other options were contemplated.  my favorite come with the extra attached elongated pocket that was specific for close-pins

putting on an apron to me is probably like how some people feel about putting on their favorite pair of jeans.  you feel confident, you can do anything in it, you look good, and you’ll just want to wear them again tomorrow.

sisters in aprons


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