meatless monday–peanut tofu stir fry

this meatless monday i had extra help with my best friend taggart being in town.  taggart needs to eat about every 2 hours so when she travels she always has an enormous bag of food in tow.  with her contribution to dinner we had quinoa and she possessed the recipe for the peanut sauce.

in a tiny kitchen we were able to both work on our parts.  i was in charge of stir frying the tofu with mushrooms (which i aim still trying to learn to like, i swear i’m making progress), peppers and carrots.  taggart created her peanut sauce for the meal.  which took a little longer than expected.  she couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t getting spicy until she realized she was putting in crushed red pepper instead of cayenne pepper.  let me till you there is a difference heat wise and you want the later if you like it spicy.

taggart mastering the art of peanut sauce

the meatless dinner for 2 included wine that was leftover from a family function (thanks trish!),  simon & garfunkel records, and laughing over stories about ex-roommates.




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