L–“dad i bought a mahi-mahi fillet, what do i do with it?”

dad your suggestion of marinating it with lemons and green onions was excellent!  i added some garlic powder and olive oil too, which made it go really well with the pesto grits i had with it.  i was shocked i liked the mahi-mahi it was much more of a meatier fish than i expected.  and i’m totally am going to invest in one of those grilling basket things.  the foil works but i think it takes away from some of that smoky quality the grill gives off.  do you think those baskets could hold everything? including like veggies and the meat?


One thought on “L–“dad i bought a mahi-mahi fillet, what do i do with it?”

  1. Aunt Trish says:

    Lynley, the baskets are great. We cook your dad’s salmon marinated in maple syrup, soy sauce and oil. Also great for veggies or corn on the cob. Just a little seasoning and olive oil over peppers, onions, zucchini, etc….makes a great meal…..makes turn the meat or veggies easy. Love ya………..

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