My Favorite Meal from Yesterday…

As you might remember, I love The Village Deli in Bloomington Indiana (my sweethearts hometown).

The Village Deli…




My sweetheart…


I usually get the VVD sandwich with homemade potato chips, but this time we showed up before they were serving lunch. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized it was a chance to try something different. I always get the same thing because I only get to eat there once or twice a year, so I told my self to seize the opportune moment (as Captain Jack Sparrow would say) and order the veggie Eggs Benedict.


I was not disappointed. The meal didn’t come with potatoes, and I love to smear hollandaise sauce on a crispy hash brown, so I ordered a side of home fries. I was thinking a scoop on the side, but no….a whole bowl.


We also had fabulous crunchy ice…strange thing to note, but not if you enjoy crunchy ice.


John had his standard eating out breakfast fancied up a bit with an English muffin…


Thank you Village Deli for bring out the pirate in me.


On the road again, again– The Village Deli

My favorite place to eat in John’s hometown (Bloomington, Indiana) is The Village Deli. It’s so good, I don’t even know where to begin. On our annual visit  we ate there twice.

Here’s Lunch:

Look at those homemade potato chips. Dear Village Deli, teach me what you know you potato masters you. I loved the ones with puffy parts.

I had the VVD- a veggie, swiss cheese sandwich with special mustard and John had eggs and breakfast taters.

John eating his breakfast for lunch.

All done. Man I wish I had the rest of that right now. So does Frankenstein.

Here’s breakfast.

We usually go for lunch, but I’ve always wanted to get one of their giant pancakes. Yes, I can order one at lunch time, yet the lunch menu is so good! Because we had a loooong drive ahead of us, I ordered an egg with my pancake for some extra protein. What you can’t tell here is that my blissful pancake is filled with peanut butter chips. What a good idea that turned out to be…I can taste it now.

I love pancakes. I love pancakes. I love pancakes. I love pancakes.

John had toast and eggs on the silly side.

Happy plates.

Happy Steph.

Happy John.