Meatless Monday Breakfast

Diaya cheese filled quesadilla with peach salsa and dairy free sour cream….this just says “hello Monday”



meatless monday — a peachy quesadilla

melty yummy goodness

i feel like i go through phases of making quesadillas all the time and then i’ll realize it has been a year and i haven’t made a single one.  when examining my fridge for dinner options at first glance i thought i had nothing for a quick meatless monday dinner but then i say tortilla shells, black beans, an avocado, plain yogurt, and peach salsa……QUESADILLA!!!!  the tricky part is always flipping the quesadilla without all of your ingredients falling out.  i know the trick is to use lots of cheese to hold everything in place but i have yet to perfect this flipping action.  beans, cheese still come flying out, it is just hit and miss on how much comes out.