Favorite meal from yesterday: plane food

We flew to Washington DC this weekend to see London’s Shakespeare Globe players do Hamlet on US soil (very exciting for Globe fans such as ourselves).

Our flight was smack dab at lunch time and we faced the age problem of eating in transit.

Usually we pick up veggie subs at a sub shop that end up smelling up the whole plane with onions and causing out fellow passengers to wrinkle their noses at us. To avoid the stinky food traveler stigma we decided to pack a lunch instead.


We both had peanut butter crackers (I had grape jelly on mine – something mom always did when I was a kid), chips (Cheetos and peanut butter are a favorite taste combo for me) and fruit.


The only annoyances we caused were some crumbs and when I was taking the above picture I accidentally bumped the flight attendant’s arm with my head. I got a warning but no wrinkled noses.


i don’t know i might have gone overboard on this one

apple-peanut butter pie.  the concept one of my favorite snacks, apples and peanut butter put into a pie.  its good, in fact its damn good but honestly it is so rich i haven’t been able to finish a single piece yet.  that makes me very sad but then i wonder…….have i made the greatest pie i have ever baked yet?