Blueberry-Lemon Mascarpone Crepe Cake — Crepe off continues……….


I want to start off by saying this at one point was an utter disaster.  BUT it got saved.  As in a previous post by my sis, she let you in on that fact we are in the mists of a crepe off and this is round one.  One sis making a savory crepe the other sweet and then the switch.

My attempt at sweet crepes is in cake format.  I’ve been dying to try this lemony layered cake that I found in Martha Stewart some years ago.  As with all new recipes you learn what works and what doesn’t and this recipe diffidently had some issues that may or may not of gotten corrected in the test kitchen before going to print. (if brave try the recipe here.) 

Lets just say at one point lemon curd and crepes were all sliding off a cake stand.  All went into the trash as I talked to my mother who provided encouraging words including…”you know those photos they do a lot to them to make them look good”  and “are you making this for company? don’t worry about it”

Round 2 ( here’s the secret…combine all mascarpone, lemon curd and whip cream together) and I had a pretty good looking crepe that not only was eaten for dessert but breakfast too.