meatless monday: black bean and potato tacos


yes i know i’ve posted about these before but i do love them.  this night i also had over elise, a guacamole expert to jazz up the dish with her homemade spicy guacness. but the thing that turned out to be the most pleasant surprise of the meal was a last-minute salad i threw together.  my manager at work is quite the little farmer and has been bringing my loads of veggies from her garden. in a bag for me the other day were 4 giant cucumbers.  what to do with them i asked?!  why not a cucumber salad to go with our tacos, rice and guacamole.  i sliced up the cucumbers tossed in plenty of fresh garlic and sprinkled on dill that was all marinated in red wine vinegar…….all i have to say is YUM!


1 large cucumber sliced

1 TBSP dill

2 cloves fresh garlic minced

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

*combine all ingredients, serve right away or make 24 hours before hand for all the veggies to marinate in the vinegar in dill, either way you’ll find it delicious