pedaler’s jamboree

happy trails

every memorial day the pedaler’s jamboree takes place on the katy trail.  for the last 4 years the event has gotten bigger and bigger.  the concept is that bicyclists start in columbia mo and ride all the way to boonville, cyclists camp out at the old kemper military school where waiting for them is an amazing bluegrass concert.  big smith has played as well as split lip rayfield, haha tonka, and the ozark mountain daredevils.  the next day you pack up camp and ride back.

the beauty of this event is that 80% of boonville is populated by farrises meaning you don’t have to camp and get a real shower at the end of the ride.  linda and embarked this year on the jamboree, which now includes music and food along the 30 mile ride on both days.

we estimated the 30 mile ride might take somewhere between 4-5 hours, with stops along the way to enjoy music, beverages, etc.  well… we got done in around 3 hours.  why?  because in true farris fashion i rode like it was a race head down and must pass anyone riding in front of me.  linda said she just tagged in behind me ringing my bell to announce myself.

this though turned out perfect.  though we hit all the stops before the first bands setup, we made it home by 1:30 meaning we got to go back to columbia to collect our free pint glass and beer at broadway brewery and then head to the hotel frederick in boonville to eat a fantastic meal while watching the rest of the jamboree head over the bridge to the camp ground.

nothing tops a day of perfect riding, beer, food, and music, let the countdown to next year’s jamboree begin!

linda with her signature margarita

when you bike 30 miles in less than 3 hours you get to eat chicken fried steak

watching the cyclists come over the bridge at dinner, 1600 crossed that bridge this year for the jamboree

its not a hippie festival if there isn’t fire performers

southern culture on the skids were the headliners and they said “ya know you are at a party when there is a guy in a banana suit!”

Meals and miles on the Katy Trail!

Lynley, Aunt Linda, Jessica, and I all went for a ride on the Katy Trail a couple of Friday’s ago. The Rocheport trail is our favorite spot, with the bluffs, the river, and the trees– it’s just biking heaven. I almost rode over 2 snakes, 5 tiny toads and 1 very tiny turtle (my new power animal I think). Good job saving the turtle, Lyn-lyn.

After an hour and half on the trail we stopped by a local eatery, Abigail’s. Linda said the food would be wonderful and not only was that true, the restaurant was full of kitschy mobiles and bicycling stuff. I loved it! Finding outstanding food in little towns can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it’s so worth the search (nothing against little towns at all…just saying).

Note bike rims as pots and pans holders and Linda humoring me.

Before lunch we used our limited table crayons to draw things we wanted on the paper table-cloth. Lynley drew chips and dip and a picnic, Jessica drew kale and her hammock, Linda had Jessica draw her a cowboy (some specifics: brown boots and a “My baby rocks a beer gut” as his cell phone ring– I know TMI).

I drew…

Raspberry Pie with Blueberry Ice Cream

That’s really all I want: to write, to be content, to love my honey, and eat homemade pie (with ice cream whenever possible). It’s kind of nice to actually know what you want in life and to see it represented in crayon after a perfect bike ride.

For lunch I ordered the Seacake (salmon, cod, and crab) with fresh tomatoes on a spring salad. Yum. (bread too).

Helmet hair.

Lynley and Linda split a pretzel bun turkey sandwich and Jessica had a turkey quesadilla minus the cheese.

For dessert, they did NOT have any raspberry pie with blueberry ice cream. They did have blueberry pie with a coconut cream drizzled on the plate. I know it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but there’s time for all kinds of pie in this life and not enough time like this with my family.