Welcome to Jamie Oliver-land

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while then you’ll know that Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite chefs.

So I made an effort to find a few of his restaurants when we were in London. High on my list was Union Jack’s which is tied to his Great Britain cookbook. Here’s the vegetarian catch- I have to rethink he’s classic British recipes not only to convert them, but reinvent them to make them veg. So alas, the menu turned out not to have the adventurous veggie eating I was hoping for. I ended up just cruising by and taking pictures while it was closed.

I loved the decor because it reminded me so much of his cookbook.





We dropped by his pop-up Jamie’s Diner late one night for dessert. I think it was suppose to be a twist on the Route 66 diner notion, but that twist ended up being- Surprise-dinosaurs!



John had rosemary sprinkled “chips” and a cream soda (which was really good) and I had a lemon pie with a dandelion soda. The pie was good, but I wanted a vat of the whipped cream.



I’m not going to lie, we weren’t wowed.


But that’s why it’s a pop-up right? They did have these lovely words painted on the wall.


We made sure to stop by a Jamie’s Italian. We ate at one when we were in Leeds 2 years ago and had a fantastic meal.
This time John had squash stuffed ravioli that reminded me of candy wrappers.

There were beet chips involved which went really well with the pasta.

I had a cheese tortellini primavera which was light and nice. And yes, those are mushy peas under the pasta.


But let’s be honest- what we came for was dessert.
John had the Epic Brownie which included amaretti ice cream and, brace yourself, caramel amaretti popcorn on top.


I had the ice cream combo I fell in love with in Leeds: a scoop of honey, salted caramel, and vanilla with warm butterscotch and crushed honeycomb on the top.

Oh my.

Jamie Oliver-land mission accomplished. Now where can I buy some of that smashed honeycomb?