Quiche …. its what’s for dinner.

Yeah that’s what I said.  Quiche, its what’s for dinner.  My most latest solution to using up veggies that are on the verge of spoiling is to toss them into a quiche for dinner. And did you know that quiche though considered a classic French dish actually originated in Germany?  mmmm, yeah I may have googled that…… Any way…..Having made several lately I have determined the Quiche is highly under-rated as a meal.

What have been my combos of late?  Greek with feta, tomatoes, and artichokes, then there was the Roasted veg including brussel sprouts, peppers and ham.  and of course a little southwest flavor with salsa, roasted zucchini and loads of pepperjack cheese.

Its summer be adventurous, take all those great farmer market finds that have yet to inspire you to cook and put them in a pie crust with butter, eggs and cream…..would I stir you wrong?




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