Trust me on this—Potatoes in your pasta!

Trenette with pesto french beans, and potatoes.

I’ve been cooking A LOT of pasta lately ( explanation to follow in another post) one of the recipes I recently made was Linguine with Pesto, French Beans and Potatoes.  That’s right potatoes.  Besides potatoes mating with pasta and forming the wonderful  baby known as gnocchi, why would you put the two together?

I remember one time venturing to cook dinner at my grandma’s house, as a “I love you let me help out” kind of gesture. The meal I choose spaghetti.  I was dumbfounded when half the family asked “where are the baked potatoes” when I proudly announced that dinner was ready.  Baked potatoes? Why would you serve baked potatoes with spaghetti?  That would be like ordering a side of toast with your pancakes….crazy.  At the time my mother just leaned over in a whisper and said “I don’t know this family just always has baked potatoes with spaghetti……”

I have held firmly to this “these two foods shall never meet”  idea until it came time to cook this dish.  As I took the first bite my mouth gave a big “YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO YOUR GRANDMA” sort of I told you so thank you.  You might be thinking that sounds heavy.  But honestly the addition of a small handful of red potatoes chopped up, slightly boiled added a light earthy quality to the pasta.  Of course I had to instantly sing the dishes praises over social media.  Where one long lost Facebook acquaintance actually commented in a judgmental way “That’s a lot of carbs for a meal”  God’s honest truth I unfriended them for that.  Don’t judge it till you try it!




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