Frozen Grapes? Wine Not?


You know when you eat something like almost 20 years ago, forget about it then out of the blue, remember it? 

That’s what happened to me and frozen grapes.  

I randomly tried some in college at a friend of a friends house and remembered thinking, “Oh, these taste like candy, BUT they’re grapes.” And promptly never had them again.

Until one day last month I found my self with unchilled glass of white wine and I thought, “You know what would chill this right up? Frozen grapes.” 

All you do is buy some grapes. Wash them up. Pour them in a plastic bag. Freeze them over night.

Plop them in your favorite glass of vino.

Not only does it chill your wine out, the grapes get a little boozey and that isn’t hurting anything.



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