meatless monday: pumpkin cannelloni

pumpkin and pasta

pumpkin and pasta

since last christmas there has been a bag labeled “vegan pumpkin ravioli filling” in my freezer. well its fall and pumpkin season so i decided to make some pumpkin pasta. first i figured i’d do a ravioli but then i thought why not a cannelloni instead. i added some diaya spicy jack cheese to the filling mix, put a heavy dose of some vegan spicy red pepper alfredo sauce on the bottom of the pan and layered the top with more diaya provolone. a very happy pumpkin and vegan friendly meatless monday. it was even better because it turned into an impromptu dinner party. i seem to be having a lot of those lately. i get excited about meals i plan, i’ll start discussing them with friends when we are out and about, and the next thing i wind up saying is “you should come over for dinner!” i’m almost loving these dinner parties more than my planned ones.


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