SGF Mobile Food Park Grand Opening



if you pay attention to anything about food trends you know that right now food trucks are where it’s at. springfield in the last couple of years has gone from the token handful to one on almost on every corner. someone had a wonderful idea to create a park for all these trucks, thus the hungry individual does not have to chase them around via facebook status updates and can find them at a centralized location. friday night was the official grand opening of the SGF Mobile Food Park, all trucks were going to be in attendance with music, games, the works.


my goal was to conquer the food trucks! i wanted to sample 1 thing from each of the trucks. i brought with me a trusted foodie friend, cassie, who also is vegan. she was going to go for the vegetarian dishes i would hit up the meats and we’d be in food bliss. the plan of course did not follow through do to the fact we ate all the yumminess of the first food truck filling us up to the brim! we selected the wheelhouse, a thai-mex streetfare cuisine, that will turn any dish into vegan fare. cassie went with the jumbo veggie burrito and i got the thai-peanut chicken tacos that came with chips and a cabbage dish. all i have to say is…….i’m still thinking about these tacos!

the wheelhouse

the wheelhouse

cassie in burrito bliss

cassie in burrito bliss

my tacos

my tacos


it was wonderful to see the park packed with people, trucks were running out of food but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. my quest is still in action, i will get bbq from smokin bob’s, i will have a fresh made juice from the big red juice truck, how can i pass up a Hawaiian wrap from the speedy’s cowabunga, the okra at hers cookin was calling my name and i’m sorry but how can you not eat a meatpie that comes from a double decker bus….london calling yes yes you are!

the tiki head design sold me

the tiki head design sold me


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