meatless monday: taj mahal restaurant review

lets go on a meatless monday restaurant adventure! that was my suggestion. i’d been dying to try the newest indian restaurant in springfield, taj mahal on repbulic road. Elise ventured out with me and we ordered up a mix of food. including naan, mango chutney, vegetable pakora!

elise with the pakora

elise with the pakora

we ordered up a couple of dishes. mine was a mixture of tomatoes and eggplant, elise got a dish with potatoes and mushrooms.

behold the yumminess

behold the yumminess

conclusion……..that was some of the best indian food i’ve ever had!! lets just say i wanted to go back again the next day. on my next visit i plan to try one of their naan wrap sandwiches!

Their selection of vegetarian dishes is pretty significant, curries, various sauces, chickpea dishes, cheese based meals, and of course the option to choose your own level of spicy. I will say I got mine medium spicy and there was some serious kick to it. I did not investigate how vegan some of the dishes are so make sure to ask if it’s important.

Can’t wait to go back and hope to see you there on the next meatless Monday!


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