meatless monday — dinner party for one

once a month i host a meatless monday dinner party i have dubbed “lets do dinner!!!”  a week ago i was supposed to be cooking up a fantastic mediterranean fest for my friends.  homemade white bean lemon hummus, chickpea mint salad, stuffed baby peppers and honey-date cookies.  then i had one of those days, tired crabby, i wanted to still cook up a storm but i didn’t want to share it, i realized.  i wanted to open my favorite bottle of wine but just for me.  i wanted to eat the hummus but i wanted it all to myself.  so i sent out a mass message….dinner canceled do to illness.  i will say that when concerned friends wanted to know about my sickness and if they could aid me in any way, i did admit the illness was crabbiness.   but i realized as i was cooking what i needed was a dinner party for one.  to cook a fabulous meal just for me to enjoy.  why people don’t cook for themselves like they would for others is a mystery to me.  sitting down to my plate of chickpea mint salad, lemony hummus and stuffed peppers with a giant glass of wine all by my sweet self turned out to be the perfect remedy to my illness of crabbiness.

now that makes me say opaa!!

now that makes me say opaa!!


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