National Pancake Day


For the first time ever we celebrated National Pancake Day. I have an unreasonable love of pancakes. Do I lay awake on Wednesday nights because I am so excited about having pancakes on Thursday morning in the corporate cafeteria at work – yes, yes, I do.

It’s embarrassing that we haven’t participated in this holiday and the FREE buttermilk pancakes IHOP gives away every year.

Needless to say FREE pancakes brings out a lot of people. So many in fact we were given a celebrity to mark our wait in line.


This was my first time ever having IHOP pancakes and I have to admit I wasn’t expecting greatness, flavorlessness was more like it. And after waiting with the crazy crowd, I was expecting a very dry, cold stack of pancakes.


I am happy to report that I was sadly mistaken- they were good, quite good. Moist, warm, buttery and all the dough-wonderfulness a pancake should be. I feel foolish to have doubted The International House of Pancakes- never again my friends.


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