sunday night dinner: march 25, 2012 — its a mad mad world

the draper cake

how could we not do a mad men themed dinner in honor of the 5th season kicking off?!  we no longer have downton abbey to obsess over, so our sunday nights need some sort of fictional drama.  do you want to know what i think every time i watch an episode…….”i need to be more like roger sterling”  any way here is how our mad men night progressed…………………

cocktail hour of old fashions

shockingly dad had to look this recipe up, seems so un-art farris of him

dad created the menu of popular 60s food including chicken cordon bleu, caesar salad, and mom’s contribution of some lipton’s rice  and of course we cut into that draper cake.  my creation of a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.


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