sunday night dinner: march 4, 2012 — the heritage

ah the heritage cafeteria a landmark of springfield.  you are a true springfieldian if you remember how there used to be a grand total of 3 locations.  seems like each time i go i aim to get one thing and at the last minute, when seeing that line of food, switch to something else.  steph and i were just talking about our “3 vegetable plate” we used to get all the time, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and green beans.  some things we love because they are sssooo good, other things like the heritage we love because it never changes.

look at that gravy


One thought on “sunday night dinner: march 4, 2012 — the heritage

  1. Marie says:

    This is so weird. I was just in Springfield this weekend and drove past the Heritage Cafeteria with my sister. As we passed I asked her if she remembered our Dad taking us there when we were kids. She replied by commenting that you know it’s bad if we didn’t like the food as kids. Maybe it’s better as an adult:)

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