sunday night dinner: november 13, 2011 — chicken noodle soup

i haven’t had chicken noodle soup in oh probably about 5 years.  why?  dad went through a phase when i was around 14, where he made chicken noodle soup about every other weekend.  the constant smell of chicken broth went from the smells of yum to nauseousness, not to mention i was also a vegetarian at the time.  needless to say it has taken a VERY long time for chicken noodle soup to sound good again.  so this weekend when i got a sudden feeling for the stuff i knew i had to run with that urge and make it!

lets cook

chicken noodle soup, i discovered while researching recipes, is shockingly lacking in vegetables!  just carrots and celery.  while i do like celery, i don’t really count it as a vegetable or as food really just sort of a flavorful alternative to drinking water.  thus began the tweaking of recipes.  my soup may of found some lima beans added to it and a little something else to give it a kick.

yet again i made way to much


that little something extra


for my first batch of chicken noodle soup ever, i must say, i do declare it a success.  the banana crumb muffins of course helped make the meal extra splendid.  i love baking those because the muffins have a butter/brown sugar crumb on top and when they are baking they make the whole house smell like melted sweet butter……mmmmmmmmmmmmm.



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