the aviary–cafe and creperie

mom always has a to-do list of places to go , people to see, and food to eat, for me when i arrive home.  top on the list was the aviary, a creperie in downtown springfield.  it once was a boutique and now is a super cute cafe that has a french, victorian greenhouse feel.  i sent mom to the bathroom just to check it out.  her conclusion “it just makes you want to use christmas lights and twigs for all your decorating”

tha aviary

the menu has savory crepes, sweet crepes, salads, soup, daily specials and dinner specials.  they also are open for brunch starting at 8am.  we got there around 11:30 and there was already a 30 minute wait.  so my advice call ahead to have your name on the list or pop in, put your name in and then wander into the shops near by, like we did.  mom already as some stocking stuffers purchased now.

once we got seated mom decided on their BLT special which was in panini form.  i went with coq au vin crepes.  julia child in her book “my life in france” goes on endlessly about the horrible ways in which people are ruining the recipe of coq au vin.  this of course has made me want to try it ever since but the only recipe i have for it involves a crock pot and i pretty certain that recipe wouldn’t be julia child approved.

coq au vin crepes

the meal was like chicken stew wrapped into sweet, hot custom made crepes.  i opted for the side salad that had balsamic vinegar dressing and apples in it.  the thing though that i liked the most, purely for its aesthetics was that when you ordered water you got you own chilled glass bottle to refill your glass with. trés magnifique!

its the little details that count


One thought on “the aviary–cafe and creperie

  1. Stephanie says:

    I saw this when we cruised downtown last weekend. I told Josh that me and mom would take him there! Can you imagine that… FYI, I question the chicken stew situation.

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