meatless monday: sun-dried tomato alfredo

i totally failed this monday at being meatless 😦  but it wasn’t really a conscious decision.  mondays i open the cafe at work.  which means i have to start moving around at 4:3oam so i aim ready and coherent when i show up at work at 6am.  at 5am after downing my breakfast of leftover pancakes and bacon i looked at my empty plate, slammed my hands down on the table in frustration and declared aloud “ITS MEATLESS MONDAY! DAMN IT!”  the rest of the day, though meatless, felt like a tainted failure.

the difference between making ordinary food and making spectacular food is thinking a little outside of the box.  pre-made items are easy, and sometimes really delicious on their own but why keep it as its original self.  this was my thought when conceiving my dinner for meatless monday.  looking in my pantry i had a jar of paul newman’s alfredo and a jar of sun-dried tomatoes.  viola one yummy thing turned into extra yummy.  i toyed with the idea of also adding curry powder to the sauce, curried, sun-dried tomato alfredo. it could be a total hit but for now i played it safe.

and i give thanks to paul newman for this yumminess



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