ginger-jack peach pie


fruit pie #2

i’ve been trying to conquer making fruit pies.  this is my second attempt.  issues to overcome…..runny insides.  so after in-depth discussion with steph i totally took her advice even if the recipe says not to heat up and cook the pie filling do it anyway.  it totally worked insides not runny!  thanks steph!  this pie was a take on a traditional peach pie with a little something extra added to it.  those extras would be marinating the peaches with ginger and jack daniels.  making this pies felt like such a summer experience.  sitting in the kitchen in front of the fan peeling peaches and listening to the cicadas outside.  i had master plans to make homemade-maple syrup ice cream to go with it but i’m a firm believer in using up what you have first so it’ll just have to have plan ol’vanilla for now.


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